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Military Webbing

Leedon has been manufacturing military webbing for over 50 years. We use the finest American grown and spun cotton yarns. We dye the yarn, not the webbing, at dye houses in the Carolinas in order to provide our customers with the highest quality webbing on the market today.
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Automotive Webbing

You will find our Automotive webbing, whether elastic or non-elastic, in nearly all the major auto manufacturers vehicles in North America. Our elastics are mainly used in the seat assembly and our non-elastics are use used for pull straps and other assemblies.
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Industrial / Medical Webbing

There many end uses for our industrial and medical webbings. We have a number of webbings that are used in the furniture moving industry as well as the luggage, filter and fitness industries. We manufacture webbing that is used for gait belts and as well as other straps that are used in patient mobility.
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Commercial Elastic Webbing

Our commercial elastic webbings are used in a variety of end uses. We have elastics that are used for wrist wraps and knee wraps in the fitness industries or elastics for in fire safety apparatus. We manufacture heavy elastics for the equestrian industry as well as elastics for goggles.
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Custom Assemblies

Our assembly department manufactures a wide range of end use products for a number of different industries. We have the ability to cut to length, sew, punch holes, punch slits, or punch grommets. We can add buckles, slides, D-rings or other specialty hardware.
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Fitness Webbing

We manufacture a wide range of custom webbings to satisfy our customers’ exacting needs. Our design personnel have over 100 years combined experience in narrow fabrics. We take great pride in manufacturing custom webbing for each unique customer requirement. Whether you need a printable webbing with a special surface, an elastic with a special elongation, or a webbing made from unique fibers like nomex and kevlar, we can design and manufacture it here in our RI facility.
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